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  • About Kosmerce

    KOSMERCE is made up of “Cosmopolitan Commerce”. “C” is replaced by “K” which comes from the word “KING”, bringing the implication of “World Trade, Global Trade”, namely “康莫斯” in Chinese.

    Kosmerce.com was established in 2013, setting up more than 30 operation centers across the cities and ports in China and Malaysia. Out team has the experience in providing trading and port services for more than 20 years. With the vision of making global trade more simple, we had built the most advanced and intelligent Cloud Ecological Foreign Trading Platform, connecting the buyers, suppliers and service providers worldwide through database, simultaneously performing an accurate matching and safe trading.

  • For Buyer

    All category of information services: more than 4,000,000 products and 360,000 enterprises.

    Massive search and filtration: Support is based on: Product’s name, Specification, Brand’s name, Unit Price and Volume Interval, Country of Origin, Nature of Enterprises, Trading Country and so on, massive search from multi-dimension and accurate filtration.

    Sequence of process: Register/Log In, Search/Filter, Order/Receiving. Buyer Process is that simple!

  • For Supplier

    Setting up International Store for free: Free store setting up and reality authentication, Free products and supply information posting.

    Initiatively searching for China’s Buyer: Initiatively searching and connecting 168,000 China’s buyers.

    Sequence of process: Custom Declaration, Custom Clearance, Land Carriage, Small Parcel/LCL/Ocean Carriage, Tax Rebate and more port services. Multi language translation, Store Renovation/Operation Agent and Marketing Services, Trading Agent, Trading L/C and Trading Finance and more one stop full services.

  • For Service

    Cargo Owner and Source of Goods: Collection of more than 50 ports, more than 500,000 cargo owner and Port with transaction amount up to hundred billion US dollar,Cargo owner, source of goods and more resources, Connecting the cargo owner and third party service provider through data, hence building trust among each other.

    Order grabbing and cargo collection: the platform will simplify, standardize, and systemize the complicated trading process. Selecting the service providers with best quality based on the segments to accomplish the task, simultaneously performing order grabbing and cargo collection. Make the service providers to focus on the field that they are good at.

    Guaranteed settlement: the platform will provide a guarantee services for the cargo owner and service providers. Account will be verified after the service provider had done performing the tasks and payments will be settled after verification.

    Grading and Creditworthiness: the platform will build a scientific credit grading system for the service provider. Credit can be gain through grades. The higher the grades, the more likely the platform will arrange the tasks.