44  Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal

United HS-Code: 4401

Fuel wood, in logs, in billets, in twigs, in faggots or in similar forms; wood in chips or particles;sawdust and wood waste and scrap, whether or notagglomerated in logs, briquettes, pellets or similar forms:


United HS-Code: 4402

Wood charcoal(including shell or nut charcoal),whether or not agglomerated:


United HS-Code: 4403

Wood in the rough, whether or not stripped of bark or sapwood, or roughly squared:


United HS-Code: 4404

Hoopwood; split poles; piles, pickets and stakes of wood, pointed but not sawn lengthwise;wooden sticks, roughly trimmed but not turned,bent or otherwise worked, suitable for the manufacture of walking-sticks, umbrellas, tool handles or the like; chipwood and the like:


United HS-Code: 4405

Wood wool; wood flour:


United HS-Code: 4406

Railway or tramway sleepers(crossties)of wood:


United HS-Code: 4407

Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, whether or not planed, sanded or end-jionted, of a thickness exceeding 6mm:


United HS-Code: 4408

Sheets for veneering(including those obtained by slicing laminated wood), for plywood or for similar laminated wood and other wood, sawn lengthwise, sliced or peeled, whether or not planed, sanded, spliced or end-jointed, of a thickness not exceeding 6mm:


United HS-Code: 4409

Wood(including strips and friezes for parquet flooring, not assembled)continuously shaped(tongues, grooved, rebated,chamfered, V-jointed, beaded, moulded, rounded or the like)along any of its “edges, ends or faces,whether or not planed, sanded or end-jointed”:


United HS-Code: 4410

Particle board, oriented strand board (OSB) and similar board (for example, waferboard) of wood or other ligneous materials, whether or not agglomerated with resins or other organic binding substances


United HS-Code: 4411

Fibreboard of wood or other ligneous materials,whether or not bonded with resins or other organic substances:


United HS-Code: 4412

Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood:


United HS-Code: 4413

Densified wood, in blocks, plates, strips or profile shapes:


United HS-Code: 4414

Wooden frames for paintings, photographs, mirrors or similar objects:


United HS-Code: 4415

Packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings, of wood; cabledrums of wood; pallets, box pallets and other load boards, of wood; pallet collars of wood:


United HS-Code: 4416

Casks, barrels, vats, tubs and other coopers@products and parts thereof, of wood,including staves:


United HS-Code: 4417

Tools, tool bodies, tool handles, broom or brush bodies and handles, of wood; boot or shoe lasts and trees, of wood:


United HS-Code: 4418

Builders@ joinery and carpentry of wood, including cellular wood panels, assembled flooring panels,shingles and shakes:


United HS-Code: 4419

Tableware and kitchenware, of wood:


United HS-Code: 4420

Wood marquetry and inlaid wood; caskets and cases for jewellery or cutlery, and similar articles,of wood; statuettes and other ornaments, of wood;wooden articles or furniture not falling in Chapter94:


United HS-Code: 4421

Other articles of wood:

45  Cork and articles of cork

United HS-Code: 4501

Natural cork, raw or simply prepared;waste cork; crushed, granulated or ground cork:


United HS-Code: 4502

Natural cork, debarked or roughly squared, or in rectangular(including square)blocks, plates, sheets or strip,(including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers):


United HS-Code: 4503

Articles of natural cork:


United HS-Code: 4504

Agglomerated cork(with or without a binding substance)and articles of agglomerated cork:

46  Manufactures of straw, of esparto or of other plaiting materials; basketware and wickerwork

United HS-Code: 4601

Plaits and similar products of plaiting materials,whether or not assembled into strips; plaiting materials, plaits and similar products of plaiting materials, bound together in parallel strands or woven, in sheet form, whether or not being finished articles(for example, mats, matting, screens):


United HS-Code: 4602

Basketwork, wickerwork and other articles, made directly to shape from plaiting materials or made up from goods of heading No.46.01; articles of loofah: